Leaving our Wedding Rings at Home

As some of you may know, Greg and I live right off the Gulf of Mexico in Dunedin, Florida. We spend a lot of our time in or near the water; we try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. As much as we love our wedding rings, we never want to chance them getting lost or stolen while outdoors (my cousin lost his ring the week after his wedding in the ocean). Luckily, Greg and I found an alternative option to not wearing anything on our fingers during these times. We purchased Qalo Rings before we were even married and knew this was a perfect fit for us!

About the company – Qalo offers products other than the rings we love such as- apple watch bands, blankets, baby teething necklaces, dog tags, and more.

Rings- Qalo offers many different styles of rings so you can choose one, or more, to fit your style (stackable, classic, reversible, modern, strata which features 2 layers of contrasting silicon with an engraved pattern, or you can even design your own ring! How cool!). My personal favorite is the scalloped pearl but I have had my eye on the stackable rings as well.  Click HERE to be directed to women’s rings. Click HERE to be directed to men’s rings.

What size do I order? – Click HERE for sizing help. If you get your ring and it does not fit, you can make an even exchange within the first 60 days. (I have had my ring for 2 years and I feel as though the size has remained the same).

When to wear- We find ourselves wearing our Qalo rings for a few reasons: I work in health care and wash my hands 10-15 times a day which ironically makes my wedding rings not look as shiny as they should, we spend a lot of time in the water during the summer and don’t have to worry about our rings slipping off, we were working out before our wedding and the silicon ring was much more comfortable. The silicon bands stretch so if my fingers get swollen during pregnancy, this in another option- I hate the fact of not wearing anything at all on my finger… 1 because of the symbolization of a wedding band and 2 because if you wear a ring every day and for some reason don’t for one day you probably have freak out moments like I do.

Deals- Military men/women and first responders can receive 15% off their order. Just head over to QALO.com and on the bottom of the page beneath Inside QALO you will see the tab for U.S. Military or First Responders Discount. From there, it will ask you to verify your military information. Once all needed information is filled out, you will then be emailed a discount code that you can use at checkout! There will be a box on the right side of the checkout page that says “Discount Code / Store Credit”. Enter in your military code and your discount will apply!

Want $5.00 off? Use our link! http://share.qalo.com/share/megcarroll1006

Overall, Greg and I love our Qalo rings as they fit right into our lifestyle. Let us know if you already have a ring or if this is something you’re interested in.

Our Qalo rings came on our honeymoon as we spent that time hiking 96 miles!