Flying Cheap with Allegiant Airline

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You may have read this title and clicked to read because you have never heard of Allegiant Airline, but that’s okay. Allegiant Airline is a smaller airline but is growing and adding new flight routes all the time. They pride themselves on cheap and non-stop only flights. Greg and I have been flying and saving money with them since 2014… but really, July 2019 we got a flight for $8.00 from Florida to Pennsylvania. Continue reading to find out more!


Booking a flight with Allegiant is super easy! Visit, put in your destination, dates, round trip vs one way, how many passengers, and hit search.

Your next step is to book with the dates selected or to view the rate calendar, I always recommend this if you can change your dates- it may save you some money!

*** If you book a round-trip flight an automatic $20.00 discount will be applied to your total which is what you see above.

Once you select your dates, hit continue. At this point you will have the option of booking a rental car, reserving a hotel, buying insurance, etc. but if you do not need these options just skip through and purchase!


Many people wonder how Allegiant flights are so cheap. Fortunately, they offer an A la carte service so you are only paying for what you need. Don’t need a bag, to pick your seat, or want priority boarding… your flight will be cheaper.


Download the Allegiant mobile app for free in the app store. This app saves us so much time at the airport! We usually only travel with a “personal bag” so we can check in beforehand and head right to the security line when getting to the airport, you can do the same while traveling with a carry-on (NOTE- If you are traveling with a checked bag you must go to the ticket counter at the airport).

The app will also pull your boarding pass or passes up for anyone in your party (when booking just use the same e-mail linked to the account) after you check in.

You have the option of booking a flight right from the app but we find it easier to book from a computer or laptop.


Okay, the part you are waiting for. After flying with Allegiant for some time we have learned how to save.

The first and easiest way is to sign up for their Mastercard (information below). Allegiant always has sales but sometimes only for their Mastercard holders- this past Memorial Day they were having $50.00 off which is how I got that $8.00 flight I previously mentioned. Awesome right?!

Another way we save is by flying, yes, you read that right. About 2-3 days after we fly, Allegiant ALWAYS send us a coupon code active for 72 hours only for $20.00 off. Another awesome deal right?! Book your round trip flights separate if you are flying with someone else and turn that $20.00 into $80.00 off.

When booking, you have the option of picking your seats but if you can handle being 1 or 2 rows away from your loved one then skip on this option. Greg and I never pay to sit next to each other and 75% of the time we get seats right next to each other if not 1 row away.

Packing light will pay off! We make long weekend trips back to visit family/friends all the time and pack in a “personal bag” such as a backpack or small duffel bag. My favorite to pack in is the Vera Bradley weekender bag- fits everything I need. When flying Allegiant, there is no charge for a personal bag but there is a charge for carry-on and checked luggage, if you can pack light you will save like us! NOTE- if you do need a carry-on or checked bag make sure to book it when you book your tickets, adding these at the airport will be an extra charge.

Booking online vs over the phone will save you a service charge of $12.00 for each reservation.

Downloading the free mobile app will save $5.00 as you can access your boarding pass and will not have to print it at the airport.

As mentioned above, if your dates are flexible, check the rate calendar as it may save you money.

If you do not have a coupon code, book a round-trip ticket and you will automatically receive $20.00 off. If you are flying with someone, purchase your tickets separate so you both get the $20.00 off deal.

Check out the deals page on the Allegiant website- below is an example of a deal we can get from our home airport.


So, the Allegiant Mastercard is the main way we get our flights for cheap, there are so many perks. For starters, as you can see above, when you sign up you get a 15,000 bonus when you spend $1,000.00 in the first 90 days which is equal to $150.00 of travel credit; but guess what, if you apply for the card while you’re flying (they make their rounds during every flight), you get 17,500 points which is equal to $175.00 of travel credit after spending $1,000.00 during the first 90 days.

No matter what you use your card on you are building points! Points will be updated on your account after every statement. For example, my statement is the 28th of the month so if I make a large purchase on the 29th, I will have to wait until the following 28th of the month to see the points added.

A low annual fee of $59.00 pays for itself after only a few flights. Add up the price of priority boarding, a free beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and travel credit and it’s like there is no fee to pay. The priority boarding in itself if our favorite part.

To use your points, continue checking out normally. When you go to purchase your flight, you will have the option to use your points or not to in order to save them. I am unable to show a picture of this part as I just used all of my points when I booked a flight last week, I got $93.00 off which brought my flight down to $117.00 after purchasing the front row seat and insurance (perks we usually pass on).


Allegiant supports U.S. active duty military, military veterans, and members of the National Guard, military reserve, and their dependents by offering select free services.

Free services offered for U.S. active duty or reserve duty and National Guard:

Free services offered for U.S. military veterans and spouses or dependents of U.S. active duty or reserve military, and National Guard:

For all other information regarding Allegiant Airline, visit their website or comment below any questions we may be able to answer-