Post Wedding DIY Project

Having post wedding blues like I did? I have so much extra time now. I LOVED planning and staying busy with wedding crafts. I know, crazy right? I loved the hectic life which makes sense when I tell people I want 4 kids. I was urging for 1 last wedding craft and knew I needed to do something with the wedding cards that were taking up space in a drawer because I couldn’t just throw them away. But what? I looked on Pinterest and found my inspiration. I had so much fun making this with my mom and it was so easy!

Things you’ll need: frame (we used a 16 x 20 inch from Hobby Lobby (on sale for $28.00) which required about 65 cards but you can and will most likely use more than 1 punch from each card if you like this size), Fiskars 2 inch hexagon punch (FIND ON AMAZON HERE), crafters tape– you’ll need 2 for this size project (CLICK HERE), scissors, a ruler, possibly a background sheet, and wedding cards! Oh and maybe a glass of wine.  

Step 1- If you want a focus point, decide on what card you will use and set that aside. The card we chose was 3D and you cannot cut those so it was perfect, it says “Just Married”.

Step 2- Use the Fiskars punch to cut your wedding cards. You may have to cut some of the cards with scissors to get to the desired cut area.  If possible, cut more than one from each card because you will need a lot of fillers for the edges. *Most cards are glued together which makes cutting hard, I had my husband separate them with a knife. ** Check the back of the cards, sometimes there are cute little pictures! *** If you have more of 1 of the same card like we did then get creative with what you cuts!!

Step 3- Background sheet. We used the back of the “picture” the frame came with as our background and attached it to the cardboard using the crafters tape. If this is not possible, cut and attach a white piece of paper to the cardboard (Hobby Lobby has sheets for free at checkout!).

Step 4- Measure for the center and place your focus card in place. *We played with the idea of the focus card not in the center and it didn’t look bad! This might be a fun option.

Step 5- Start from 1 spot, place your pieces with the crafters tape, and keep going! Have fun with this and use your imagination with placement! *I kind of moved all over the place and found it was harder at the end.

Step 6- Put the frame together and you’re done! Show it off! I posted a picture on Facebook and had people commenting that their cards have been sitting for years and now they are going to do this.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Share a picture if you create your own!