A Memorable Way to Document Your Travels

If you love to travel and want a fun way to document your trips, this post is for you. I came across the Traveller Collective website (HERE) about a year before our wedding (which was September 2018) and was instantly hooked. Because we had always planned on a National Park honeymoon, I knew this would be the best wedding gift for Greg. I ordered a clip for myself and one for Greg but was unable to open and use mine until our wedding… waiting a year was difficult as I was so excited!!

Keep reading to find out more information including: more about the company, other products they offer, how to order, a discount code if you would like to place an for yourself, golden rings (which will give you free travel money!), etc.

ABOUT THE COMPANY, as stated on their website.


Traveller Collective not only has the travel rings but a few other products including: necklaces, accessories (hats, totes, and decals), apparel, and gift cards. Check it out!


The first step when ordering is to decide which clip you want. I chose the tan for myself and the brown for Greg.

After you decide what clip you want it is time to order your rings. They have many options to fit your style and budget. Although Greg and I began traveling in high school, before we met, I chose to order rings for only the places we have been together.

Once you complete those two steps it is time to check out… that was super easy right? But first, DISCOUNT CODE!!!


Who doesn’t love a discount?! Traveller Collective offers 30% off first time customers using the code TCFAM. Don’t wait, use this and order yours today.


Throughout 2019, Traveller Collective will be giving away $7,750.00 worth of free flights to the Collective. They will be randomly selecting orders and placing a golden ring with a special value in with their purchase.


Create a profile by documenting your travels on their website. It will show a map with shaded areas of where you have visited!


Below are some pictures of our rings during our honeymoon, can you recognize where any of these pictures were taken? Let us know below.