Traveling Without Your “FUR”iend

Although your 4 (or 3 in our case) legged pet you have is a part of the family, they cannot always travel with you. We take Nash on a lot of trips each year but when we can’t, we use the app Rover. Rover is an online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including: dog boarding, pet sitting, drop in visits, and dog walking. Keep reading to find out more information and how you can also save $20 on your first booking!

Before booking it is important to get the app or make an online profile of your pet. You can see Nash’s profile below as an example.

As you can see above, we provide a sheet with care information for the sitters. This information sheet includes his meal schedule, sleeping rules (no beds or furniture), how to discipline him if he acts up, how to manage his club, and everything else. Nash also has his own travel bag where we put some treats, his blanket, leash, and a toy so he feels somewhat at home. Ask your sitter what he/she prefers you bring along.

Dog Boarding (in the sitter’s house)

Select your dates, put in your address (to find who is in close proximity to you), and hit search. Rover will pull up a list of available sitters and provide information including: their name, distance from your house, nightly price, reviews, pictures they added to their profile, availability calendar, information about their home (whether they have a fenced in backyard, if they administer injections/medications, if other animals are present in the house, services they provide, a section about them, etc), and an option to contact before booking. After you book, you will have an option to message them again as needed.

Most sitters will work with you and will enforce the rules you have at home in their house… for example, if your dog is not allowed on furniture at home, they will not allow him/her on their furniture. We have had great success with sending Nash to the sitter’s house and have been using the same sitter- she is very good at handling his extra needs (watching his club paw, freezing and feeding him his raw food, and handling his high energy), and sends us daily pictures!

* We recommend if the house has other animals to meet before the scheduled boarding dates, this helped us feel better before leaving him for the first time.

Below is our sitter’s profile as an example.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting takes place in your own home! Select your dates, put in your address (to find who is in close proximity to you), and hit search. Rover will pull up a list of available sitters and provide the same information as above. Make sure to check their profile to see if your pet applies as some sitters request not to watch dogs that require medical injections, are over 100 pounds, etc.

* We do not have experience with a sitter staying in our house, we feel more comfortable sending Nash to the sitter’s house.

Drop-In Visits/ Dog Walking

Drop-in visits are exactly what they sound like and are typically 30 minutes. Just like the other services, select your dates, put in your address, and hit search to find availability near you.

Becoming a Sitter

If you would like to become a sitter, sign in and sign up! This is something we will be doing soon. It’s extra money and you get to be with animals, how cool!?

Want $20.00 off your first booking?

Use our referral code for the discount which can be applied as you are booking. If you end up booking, let us know where you are going and your experience after!